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MagdaCivilFitness is a passionate and dedicated individual who has made a significant impact in the fitness industry. With a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, MagdaCivilFitness has become a trusted authority in helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Nutrition Made Simple

To ensure optimal results, you can add one of our personalized meal plans designed according to your goals and preferences. You will receive an online and mobile application where you can track your plan, as well as printable and mobile grocery lists.

Fitness Your Way

You have the drive and the desire, but where to start? Our customized fitness plans support any lifestyle and environment. Let us assist you with reaching your goals. Whether it is weight-loss or crossing the finishing line of your first marathon, we are here to help! We will create a blueprint of exercises for your local or home gym. Our fitness experts have first-hand experience in a variety of sporting events and can also help you with weight training, triathlons, marathons, mud runs, figure competitions and more!

You can have results, or you can have excuses. You can not have both.

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Boost your body Ability

Tough times don’t last but tough people do

01. Supplements

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02. Fitness Plans

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03. Nutrition Plans

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Success Stories

We Generate Results for Our Customers

We generate results for our customers

Nichelle Strong
Nichelle Strong
It was a wonderful meal
Ebony Bailey
Ebony Bailey
I had a personal training session with Magda yesterday and it was amazing. She addressed my strengths, weakness, weight loss goals, and nutrition goals. The workout and meal plans are tailored to my personal goals. I love the little details that she pays attention to as well. I’m excited to be continuing my sessions with Magda, she’s awesome. I would highly recommend training with her. I will be recommending everyone I know. Thank you Magda for everything!!
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith
Very transparent and the information is at a level I can understand and apply.🏋🏽‍♂️
Ashley Gorgeous
Ashley Gorgeous
Magda is knowledgeable, professional and unpredictable. She challenges me in every session and I’m already seeing results.